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(Frequently Asked Questions)

What sets us apart from other estate businesses?

First and foremost, we operate efficient and effective Estate Sale liquidations at the sale location. Secondly, we have developed relationships and contacts with many dealers over the years who have Antique Stores or booths who are a great source of buyers for our sales. In addition to these options we also can also sell special items or collections for you on the Internet since we have been selling online for over 10 years. This is very important as often we can sell your items for considerably more online than at the local sale location.(click here to read stories about some items we have sold online with greater success)

Our websites generate approx. 10 million hits a year from over 280 thousand different users.

Added to the over 175,000 views on other online Estate Sale websites, we can advertise and sell effectively on the internet. We generate a web section for your sale including Sale information, photos, and eventually directions and maps to the sale . These efforts are very effective. We also have a very large email list of customers who request to be informed about our sales, and express that the website is what makes the difference.
click here to see an example of one of our sales

How much notice do you need to give us?

We need as much notice as is possible, but we understand that many times our clients need to expedite the sale process. Sale preparation takes Approximately 2-4 weeks depending on the size of the project.. Sometimes less, sometimes more. What is important it that if you are in need of an Estate Sale company to help you, please call us as soon as possible. We can consult with you about your project, and reserve a time on our schedule to do your sale. We always do our best to accommodate our client's needs, but getting on our schedule is imperative so we can successfully complete your project. Feel free to email us at, or we welcome your phone calls and would love to talk with you. We can be reached by phone at (719) 687-2029 or Sidnee's cell phone (719) 337-6607

What do You (the owner) need to do?

Please remove the items you wish to keep. Please maintain garbage services if possible. Do not dispose of anything until we can meet with you. Even if you do not have a house full of Antiques, boxes of money, or gold bars, many of our most successful sales have a large amount of items, that our buyers readily purchase. We sell just about anything of value, and we are experts in identifying those items, so DO NOT discard anything until we have consulted with you. It really is true that "one man's trash is another man's treasure." We have seen this demonstrated many times. The buying and selling market is constantly changing, and since items change in value over time,  you really need an expert help you to identify what the fair market value is on your items. We do this for you. Lastly, since we have a large buyer base including many dealers, we can generally realize a better value outcome for you on your items.

What do we charge?
This is generally the first question we are asked by our potential clients.

Here is what is truly important:
There are no  initial 'out of pocket' expenses

We earn a percentage of the total gross sales online and at the sale location) sale. We pay all the costs for our employees, set-up fees, advertising costs, sales taxes, and additional costs. We also have a base charge for the service, which comes from the sale proceeds which varies on the scope of the project and depends on costs associated with specialized workers like movers, refuse removal, special licensing, starting costs, etc.

It takes a lot of work and time to sort, stage, and sell items at a Successful Estate Sale. Depending on the size of the project determines the size of the staff we use. click here to see our staff
Remember, there are no  initial
'out of pocket' expenses

Once we consult with you and see what the job entails, we will be able to give you the costs for our services. Depending on whether we are selling the item at the sale location, online, or with a specialty auction house, the rates will vary from what we charge to do the sale at the location. We only choose these other venues if it will result in more money for our clients.
Here is an example... we found a pottery vase in a box buried in the basement of our of our client's houses. Normally, this vase would have been sold at the sale, and would have sold for approx. $40.00. Since we sold it online to a collector from the area where the vase was originally made, it sold for approx $500.00. This is why you have experts do your sale for you. We find these items, and can be more successful with them for you.

How important is Experience?
Now, since most Estate Sale companies work on a percentage, the amount of the percentage is not important until you know what the company does, and how successful they will be.
Basically, a company that charges let's say 20% of the sales may sound good at first, but they probably are not very experienced in conducting Successful Estate Sales. They may run a good Garage sale, but Estate Sales, and Garage sales are 2 totally different things.
For instance. If the Cheap company doesn't have the buyer base, the knowledge of holding events, or dealing with the items you have, they could sell your items for let's say $5000.00. This nets you $4000.00. (this only makes them $1000.00, and I guarantee they can not make it on that little income if they are doing the work needed. They must be cutting corners which could damage the sale outcome.

On the other hand, If the company, like us, is experienced, and we charge, let' say 30% + a basic start up fee of approx $500.00, it sounds higher until we sell the items for $8000 - $10,000. Which , after all costs, nets you $6500.00.This makes you $2500 more! Also, you have to consider who you are working with. We have a very good reputation, are licensed, bonded, and insured. We also have a large regular buyer base as well as years of contacts in the dealer network. This does not include our internet presence which is one of our most valuable assets.

"You get what you pay for" 

How do we advertise for the sale?

1) We design advertising and place it in the appropriate papers, mailers, email contacts, brochures, flyers, etc  prior to the sale.
2) We put a signage at the estate sale location and cover the surrounding area with MANY signs to direct buyers to our sales. We always here our buyers say, "You guys have the best signs of any Estate sale company.
3) We contact buyers on our customer mailing list which is currently in the 1500+ range of previous buyers, or what we refer to as qualified buyers.( buyers who have purchased before, and will again) We have a great relationship with our buyers, and in return, they come to our sales regularly.
4) The sale is also placed on our website www.aspenestatesales as "Our Next Sale" and we create a section with descriptions, many photos, and directions / maps to the sale location to insure a good buyer response.
5) We hang professional signs, posters and arrows on the street corners - and remove them later!
 We have even placed signs as far as several miles away from the sale location when we felt it was needed.
6) Our sales are listed online with our websites and with
7) We sell on eBay under the seller ID aspenestatesales and with other specialty dealers/buyers across the

What do you do with the leftover items that don't sell?

That is YOUR choice. You can leave those items to be picked up by your favorite charity, left in the home/garage, or we will provide a “clean out” service which will leave the home “floor clean”. The additional time and cost required depends on the scope of the job. Many of our clients use this service as they need the house empty so they can sell, rent or otherwise utilize the property.

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