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Why our Online Sales are important

we have been selling on the internet back in the days before eBay on community billboards, which is what Craig's list started from. Since that time, I have been selling through several venues the most often one we use is eBay since it is the largest.
 We can deal with specialty dealers, and large auction houses when necessary. we can offer this service to our clients
which sets us apart from many other companies.

We often have items which will not sell for the same amount in our area as they will sell online to buyers across the globe. Now this doesn't mean that we are going to list everything in the sale online. To the contrary, we are very successful obtaining fair market prices for the items we sell.

Below are some examples of items we have sold online and why:

  • One of the best is the fishing reel in a box of old reels our client was going to garage sale for $10.00. After I researched 'the one' i found, it sold for $2346.00 on ebay ! WOW
  • We were in the initial stages of sorting when we found a pottery vase. It was down in the bottom of a box with some other things, but not too special looking. While doing research on the vase, we found that is could bring $100 or so, but it was larger than most. We decided to list it, and ended up selling it to a collector for $474.09! At the local sale, we are sure we would not have been able to get $100. The Vase was an Arkansas pottery company, and a collector in Little Rock, Arkansas bought it.
  • We have sold several collector toys like diecast Hot Wheels cars,  firearms, Militaria, Dolls, Electronics, collectibles, artwork, Automobiles, vintage and antique items, and many, many other items which we realized considerably more for online and with specialized dealers.

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