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We are a Start to Finish company specializing in Estate Sale Liquidation services, organization, and sales.

  We’ve seen it all! In fact, we specialize in (and understand) dealing with large amount of possessions which people accumulate over the years. This can make the job of sorting and selling very difficult for you and your family.

 We will come to your location, preview and research the project, and give you a cost free price based on our findings. Provided we agree to move forward with the project, we will provide a contract which 'spells out' the terms and conditions of the services we will provide so you can be confident in what to expect from us. We will give you a time line for the preparation, and sale completion.  Due to our experience in this field, we consistently realize successful results for our clients. We will work with you to not only maximize your results, but to also minimize your efforts. Estate Sales are generally very difficult, stressful, and often less successful than possible when operated by in-experienced individuals. This is why we are successful in the field. We bring experience and many varied skills to  the table and  most importantly, WE DO THE WORK FOR YOU! Click here to read what our clients say about our services

Click here to read and see photos about the process of how we conduct our sales, start to finish

From our experience, we know what will sell. We will organize and price the items for sale. We also can have special items appraised for accurate pricing if necessary. Since we always strive to operate as an ecologically GREEN  company, we will utilize recycling efforts for unwanted items when possible. We ALWAYS do our best to keep items from adding to the landfill issue. We deal with various charities and organizations so they can benefit from the items left unsold.

We can also sell special items or collections for you on the Internet since we have been selling online for over 10 years. This is very important as often we can sell your items for considerably more online than at the local sale location.(click here to read stories about some items we have sold online with greater success)

*After the sale is completed, we distribute funds to our clients the following week with a Cashier's check. (generally the Wednesday following the sale we meet with you or we mail the check via certified mail) This is important, since we want to make sure you do not have any worries about receiving your funds from the sale in a very quick and timely manner.

Our websites generate approx. 10 million hits a year from over 280 thousand different users.

Added to the over 175,000 views on other online Estate Sale websites, we can advertise and sell effectively on the internet. We generate a web section for your sale including Sale information, photos, and eventually directions and maps to the sale . These efforts are very effective. We also have a very large email list of customers who request to be informed about our sales, and express that the website is what makes the difference.
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We always make the extra effort  for you

Call us at (719) 686-9489  -  or email us at
Aspen Estate Sales is located in the Colorado Springs area of Colorado

Description of our Services

  • Average time frame 30 days or less.  Some exceptions due apply.
  • We Prepare items for Sale.  Clean and Sort
  • Prepare location for Sale
  • Advertise Sale
  • We’ll host an estate sale in the home, usually 3 day, but depending on the sale, possibly longer or shorter.
  • We occasionally offer an 'Estate Liquidation Sale' some time after the initial sale to 'clear out' the balance of items before they are otherwise dispersed.
  • Price All items
  •  Sell your merchandise
  • Clean up after the sale.

Please contact us at Aspen Estate Sales at (719) 687-2029
or email us at
Aspen Estate Sales is located in the Colorado Springs area of Colorado
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