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We at Aspen Estate Sales conduct well organized, properly displayed, and successful
estate / moving / liquidation sales in the
olorado Springs, and
 Colorado Front Range and Pike's Peak Region


We use our many years of experience in the Antique and Collectibles business, retail experience, and sale promotion business to determine the value of your items, market and sell them for you.
Unlike most estate sale companies who are essentially antique collectors or dealers, we offer many years experience in organization, marketing, and sales stemming from  Retail experience, Corporate America, Internet e-Commerce, and over 30 years individually dealing in items like we sell for our clients in our Estate / Tag  Sales. We utilize antique and collectible reference materials to research items, in addition to knowledge from our network of dealers and collectors and information gathering from the internet. We can also have certified appraisers value items when needed. We have experience working with antiques, collectibles, and all types of items from low cost to high priced range items to assist in getting the best price for you. We also have over 10 years successfully selling online which allows us to reach a wide buyer base with your specialty items. We currently operate several successful web based businesses, one you might look at is  Legacy This is a specialty e-commerce web based business site dealing in Antique Steamer Trunks and restoration supplies. We are one of the top websites in the internet.  This is a  demonstration of our commitment to quality and attention to detail that we will utilize in selling your items. 

When all is said and done, our job is to work for you and maximize the outcome while minimizing your effort and difficulty.
We will do this for you.

Last and most importantly, we work for you, we value our clients, and our relationship with them.

If you are interested in our services, we look forward to talking with you. Sidnee and Blake

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Here's a little about the Aspen Estate Sales Family

Located in the Beautiful Rocky Mountains on the 

North Slope of Pikes Peak, Colorado, A Family Business ...

Estate Sale Liquidation Colorado Springs Colorado Estate Sale Liquidation Colorado Springs Colorado

We have been avid collectors, buyers, and resellers since the 70's, and have  Estate Sale, tag sale, Garage sale, Antique Sale, all kinds of sale and auction experience. We have also been selling online since the early 1990's!

First, let us begin by saying that this  business is a labor of love! This all started because Sidnee and I both have been collecting and selling Antiques, collectibles, and unique items since the 70's. We just love it!  We have other pursuits, and this part of our joy in life.

We Guarantee we will do our best to see that your
 experience dealing with us is always a successful and pleasant one.




Me...I have been a collector since I was about 10 years old.  My mom would take my brother, sister and myself to sales every weekend and then occasionally we would go to the Markets in California and sell some of our treasures. I spent many years in Corporate America, and since leaving the Corporate world, I have moved into new endeavors. We started where we collect, restore, and sell antique steamer trunks from primarily the 1800's online. We have built this business from a couple of trunks, to a couple of hundred, and from a starting website to one of the top in the internet. We also have operated Antique booths and conducted estate sales as well as selling various collectibles including western memorabilia, antique furniture, and original Fine Art.


I have been a collector for what seems like my entire life. I started learning at a young age about fine china, porcelain, and glassware as well and antique furniture and collectibles. Also, I collect antique and vintage guns and fishing equipment. I appreciate the beauty and story that goes along with antique treasures. I spent many years in the Retail consumer electronics industry from salesman to promotions manager, and finally owner. My main function now is internet e-commerce work. I design the websites, as well as refinishing trunks, fly fishing rods, and vintage stereo equipment as I can. We have a great family, wonderful friends, loving pets, and are lucky enough to live in one of the most awe inspiring places in the world. We will give special attention to you as our customer.

 Our stores are a reflection of some of the things we really find interesting, especially items that are related to Colorado where we live or the Old West. Most of the things are what we have carried around in boxes for the last 30 years. We finally have come to realize that we will never have a display case big enough to hold it all.

The Kids:

Corbin and Leslie are 'the kids'
This is back when we were new in the business
They are Great Kids!


Well, the Kids have grown up quite a bit over the years...

Corbin works with us when he is not busy with Firefighter work and training, and working at his regular job as well.
and Leslie is now in College in Denver.

Wow Time Flies.........

They are creatively and functionally helpful in our endeavors.

The Resident ZOO,
'Our Home Team'



In Memoriam 4/13/2014

We had 2 GREAT dogs. Camie was our juvenile. She was a rescued white-blue merle Border Collie.
Quill, was the "matron”

They are both now watching over us all, like they always did. 
They were great friends and will always be remembered.



We actually have 2 horses, one is a mare about 14 years old and she is a Mustang/ Percheron mix. She in an American Wild Mustang who came off BLM land near Rock Springs, Wyoming and she is the boss.  Our other horse is a 6 year old Palomino Missouri Fox Trotter, he is the youngster!  We enjoy trail riding whenever we get a chance and love to be outdoors. 


We have 2 cats, Susie, and Henry. Susie is our outdoor barn cat, that is where she loves to be. She is a pretty Calico. Henry is a long haired black and white Tuxedo cat who ‘rules the roost’. Basically, he thinks he is the head dog, cat, horse, bird, and human in the house!

Yes, there’s more!


 Bloomers is a ring neck dove that lives in her indoor and outdoor cages depending on the weather. Cricket  is the coolest Green, yellow, and black colored Canary you will ever see. He lives in his antique wrought iron cage, and loves to sing to all kinds of great music.
He is a neat little Bird with a Big bird voice!

Yet to come……..

You never know what Sidnee and Leslie will get next.
They are currently looking at Goats, Bunnies, Chickens, Peacocks, and even Reindeer!

As you can tell, our lives will NEVER be boring!

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